Marketing & Sales

Planning marketing goals & implementing a series of marketing strategies

Marketing is a Process not an Event. It involves planning marketing goals and implementing a series of marketing strategies to achieve them.


With the correct marketing mix we can get your company the recognition it deserves, enabling you to achieve leads and wining more of the tenders you want.

The overall marketing process will enable us to:

  • Gain sight on your business, have an insight on how your business is perceived, both by clients and competitors
  • Accurately and objectively determine your company’s strengths and its weaknesses
  • Access levels of client satisfaction
  • Identify and evaluate new sectors, markets , potential clients
  • Measure the outcomes and success of marketing initiatives

With vast experience & understanding of the built environment

Services offered:



Website Design

Brochure Design


Market Research


Strategy Development

Marketing Plans

Direct Mail

Event Organising

Client Relationship Advice

Helping you create new tender opportunities

Working closely with Senior Management, we will develop a business development plan focusing on maintaining strong Client Relationships and increasing your client base.


As companies expand and evolve over the years, opportunities with existing clients are missed. By looking into the company’s past experiences/expertise/past relationships and current client base, Building Connexions can work with you to identify missed opportunities and help you create new tender opportunities.


Having established your strengths and by determining your position, we can guide you as to how to reach out to new clients and potentially gain new opportunities.


As on going support, we can advise you on new business pitches, presentations and client management programmes.